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Clarity emerges when you have the “Eagle vision”…..

You have seen the enormity of the 1st wave from year 2001 to 2008 from 869 to 6357.

You also saw the major correction of the 02nd wave from year 2008 to 2011-12

from 6359-2253-6339-4531(4770).

You are seeing the unfolding of the 03rd wave from 4770 from year 2012 to xxxx during which time the paradigm shift takes place which is yet to be witnessed; this is for those investors and I have given these few charts to prove that point. These are only 12 stocks randomly picked with a bias to “Tatas”. Look for the pattern of 2nd wave corrections to understand the strength of the 03rd wave.

Flats are bullish; irregular flats are very bullish; Running corrections are extremely bullish; zigzags are less bullish, nevertheless will have a glorious 03rd..

A small excercise for you

1. to identify the “Type of 02nd wave completed”…

2. to present such bullish set ups in “other stocks” using icharts.in0 Read the rest of this entry »


Jai Shree Krishna…amplify the good.

Two weeks ago, a few of us visited an elderly Gandhian couple in Baroda — Arun Dada and Mira Ba. Now in their 80s, their entire life has been rooted in generosity. As students of Vinoba, they have never put a price tag on their labor. Their presence speaks to a life-long practice of equanimity, trust and compassion. And so do their stories.

“Nine years ago, we were gifted this house,” Arun Dada told us. The week they moved in, they discovered that their neighbor was a drunkard, prone to fits of violence. Just a couple days after their move, they noticed that their front-yard was filled with food items and alcohol.0

It turned out that the neighbor also ran a catering business, and thought he could use Arun Dada’s front yard for storage space. Arun Dada naturally protested. “Sir, this is our home now, we don’t drink or take non-vegetarian food, and this is inappropriate.” Somehow he managed to convince the catering staff of their error. Read the rest of this entry »


Prices displayed the “month end assertion” with a possible “ED” in its 5th.

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