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3rd of 3rd wave(started from 7894) sub-divides subtly…. best suited for “Holding stocks”…


3rd wave negates “-ve divergences”, taking its support @ “8500-8550”, Earlier Support..

Investor’s delight..0


For Investors, a pattern that comes in a life time…

These are some of the stocks that clearly show a bullish pattern that comes once in a life time.

There are some stocks which are already in their 3rd wave such as Alphageo, Escorts, Tastybite, Bajajfinserv, Maruti, Tatachem, YesBank, Voltas, Acc, Ambujacem, Eicher, HDFC, HdfcBank, Indusindbank but are not shown here. (Among the 80-85 stocks that is being monitored; there would definitely be other stocks that you might be following)

And there are some stocks which are in the 1st wave and some in 2nd wave. The point that is being emphasised here is äs long as the previous low is not breached, which is unlikely, every fall to be treated as a correction of monthly scale which would last from 2 months to 6 months depending on individual stock’s pattern and ultimately they’ll scale new highs. The important work on the investor’s part is to choose good businesses to invest in, preferably consumption oriented.

As stated earlier, a dark horse is Nelco which has a similar pattern like that of Escorts before its major break-out.

Note that these labels aren’t etched in stone; they are tentative but a compelling one. There could be minor adjustments to be made with their sub-labels but not the main labels.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Deepavali.

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